If your pet's measurements fall between sizes, please let us know and we will be happy to make your items custom-sized to fit! 


Adjustable Collars:

    • Teacup - 5/8" wide; adjusts from 7"-11" in length
    • X-Small - 5/8" wide; adjusts from 9"-14" in length
    • Small - 3/4" wide; adjusts from 10" - 16" in length
    • Medium - 3/4" wide; adjusts from 14" - 22" in length
    • Large - 1" wide; adjusts from 16" - 26" in length


For packaging efficiency, your item will ship set at the shortest length (within its respective size range) and upon receipt, will likely require further adjustment to ensure a proper fit for your pet. Simply open the collar by disengaging the side-release buckle; adjust to the proper length by sliding metal tri-glide away from the D-ring (where the leash attaches); wrap the collar around your dog’s neck and secure by closing the buckle.



    • Teacup: 5/8” wide; adjusts from 8”-11” around your pet’s rib cage
    • X-Small:  5/8" wide; adjusts from 11"-16" around your pet's rib cage
    • Small:  3/4" wide; adjusts from 12"- 22" around your pet's rib cage
    • Medium:  3/4" wide; adjusts from 18"-28" around your pet's rib cage
    • Large:  1" wide; adjusts from 20"- 34" around your pet's rib cage


Our harnesses are made in the traditional H-style, where your dog’s head is placed between two adjustable collar straps and the girth strap is adjusted to fit around your dog’s rib cage. Leashes can be attached to either D-ring in the front or on the back.  


To select the correct size:

  • Measure around the middle of your dog’s chest / rib cage, just behind the front legs.  
  • Measure from front middle of your dog’s chest to the back of the base of the neck (should be approximately half the chest measurement).


If your dog’s measurements fall outside that range, let us know and we’ll be happy to customize the length for you.



    • Teacup/X-Small:  5/8” wide: adjusts from 3’ – 5’ in length
    • Small/Medium:  ¾” wide; adjusts from 3’ – 5’ in length
    • Large: 1” wide; adjusts from 3’ – 5’ in length


Our leashes are made to adjust from 3 – 5’ in length. The difference in size, is the width of the strap.